Recent Astym® Treatment News

Astym® Therapy is often featured in national, regional and local media. Read some of the most noteworthy coverage here.

The Daily Times examines why Astym therapy has become so popular, so quickly. Astym therapy has the unique ability to engage the regenerative mechanisms of the body in order to rebuild and heal the soft tissues. Treating clinicians are seeing fantastic results with Astym therapy, even on chronic, stubborn conditions that would not resolve with other treatment. Physical therapist Justin Robbins said, “I do a lot of lower-body work, treating conditions such as plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendonitis, and we’ve seen lots of positive results from Astym therapy with those.”
WLOS News reports the regenerative benefits of Astym treatment.  Hear more about how Astym-certified Astym provider Kristi Geoghagan, LPT (Angel Medical Center Franklin, NC) uses Astym therapy to treat frustration conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, getting her patients back to the activities they love.
Astym certified therapists Hannah Norton, PT, DPT, OCS of BenchMark Physical Therapy discusses how she uses Astym treatment to address soft tissue dysfunctions, like Plantar Fasciitis. Anne, a healthcare provider who received Astym for Plantar Fasciitis, recalls when she began Astym Treatment with BenchMark Physical Therapy. "With each session, I noticed small improvements, as if the condition was melting away," she said. Within her twelve prescribed sessions, along with a personalized strengthening and stretching program, Anne's plantar fasciitis was resolved.
Chicago Health Magazine discusses the benefits of the Astym treatment and how it successfully addressing soft tissue conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Certified Astym provider Sara Macias, PT at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute in Glenview, IL discusses her personal experience using Astym and how it benefits her patients.
"The Doctors" television show recently featured Astym treatment, and showed how Astym was a key factor in the recovery from a serious ankle injury for Anna Trebunskaya of "Dancing with the Stars". To read more, click here.
Astym-certified therapist Claire Davies, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA from Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, KY uses Astym to help treat patients who suffer from cancer related swelling and scar tissue problems ...
Sara Bennett Schaffer, PT, MBA from North Texas Physical Therapy in Fort Worth, TX provides Astym to athletes at US Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR ...
Congratulations to Astym-certified clinician, Sue Falsone, PT, ATC, CSCS who is the new head athletic trainer and physical therapist for the LA Dodgers and the first woman to become head trainer in any of the four major professional sports ...
The April 2011 edition of Triathlete magazine on-line talks about how to treat chronic plantar fasciitis. One of the recommended treatments to resolve chronic plantar fasciitis, or plantar fasciosis, is ASTYM treatment.
Physical Therapist Robert Robinson discusses how ASTYM has helped many patients at Joyner Therapy Services in Marion, IL, including interviewee, Lloyd Ogle.
Craig Nagata, PT, OCS, MTC of Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists in Honolulu, Hawaii discusses how ASTYM treatment resolves tough chronic cases. "The beauty of ASTYM is you can stay active in your work, sport and daily activities."
ASTYM Provider Greg Mackenzie, MS, PT discusses how ASTYM facilitates the resorption/remodeling of scar tissue, resulting in the regeneration of degenerated tendons.
Corrine Schaefer, PT, DPT, ATC of Therapeutic Associates in Port Angeles, WA discusses the role of ASTYM in injury management and treatment of runners.
Sporting News
West Virginia Point Guard Joe Muzzula credits ASTYM for improving his improvement in his post-op condition.
Brady O'Mara, MSPT, touts ASTYM for creating a niche market that helped differentiate his clinic in these tough economic times. "…I've had a 90 percent success rate. When the word gets out to doctors and patients that we're seeing those kinds of results, it really helps grow the practice."
PT Brett Fischer uses ASTYM therapy on Cardinals to keep players in the game Brett Fisher is not listed in the Arizona Cardinals' media guide or on the team's Web site. Yet his presence has had a tremendous impact on the organization. Fisher, a physical therapist who has been on the team's sidelines all season and at its facility most mornings, is an example of how Arizona seems to have finally gotten it and, in doing so, has finally reached the Super Bowl.
Physicians, physical therapists and patients from the Southern California Orthopedic Institute talk about ASTYM treatment succeeding when traditional therapy—or even surgery—has failed.
Physical therapist Susan Daugherty of Benchmark Physical Therapy in Knoxville, TN uses ASTYM therapy to help cancer survivor swallow again.
Physical therapist Paula Elrod of Elrod Physical Therapy in Odessa, TX discusses the benefits of the ASTYM treatment.
ASTYM has chronically injured patients running their way to recovery.
HB Magazine: Tennis (Elbow) Anyone?
Dust off that racquet, start to play again, and there goes the elbow…
Good Morning Central Oregon: The treatment that helps people start doing the things they love
Physical therapists Chris and Laura Cooper of Therapeutic Associates in Bend, Oregon discuss ASTYM therapy.