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Performance Dynamics LocationAstym® treatment was researched and developed through a collaboration which included Ball Memorial Hospital, Ball State University, Midwest HealthStrategies and a respected research team comprised of scientists, physicians, and therapists. This collaboration resulted in the consolidation of efforts and resources into Performance Dynamics, Inc., the official institution of Astym® treatment.

Performance Dynamics values making available high quality treatment based upon the latest medical and scientific discoveries. We are committed to fostering reliable research and advancing medical care. The stories of how Astym® treatment has restored movement, removed pain, and given back people's lives warm our hearts and reward us for the dedication and commitment that were required in the extensive efforts to research and develop Astym® treatment. Thank you, Astym patients, for sharing your stories. They inspire us all.

"Talking about theory and research with some of the greatest medical and scientific minds is always uplifting. That is how Astym treatment began, and I am excited to see what further developments may occur."
Thomas L. Sevier, MD, FACSM
Medical Director, Performance Dynamics, Inc.

Ball State University

Ball Memorial Hospital

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Astym® treatment safely, effectively and efficiently stimulates scar tissue to be resorbed by the body, and regenerates damaged soft tissues. Watch How.

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