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I have heard great things about Astym® treatment, but is it worth the cost?

Most consider the cost of the program to be quite reasonable, and the value received extraordinary. The program quickly pays for itself with new referrals, and not only benefits your practice with added revenues, but also enhances your reputation as being the clinician who resolves conditions no one else can, makes your patients happier and your practice easier.

Only you can figure out what kind of practice is right for you. Perhaps you should ask yourself: What kind of reputation do you want to have?; Do you want to grow your practice?; What kind of patients do you want to have?; Does word of mouth matter?; What standard of care are you comfortable with? All of these are personal decisions. Here are some facts about Astym® treatment that may help you:

  • Astym® treatment makes you the "go-to" clinic for quality care.
  • The Astym® program will grow your practice and increase revenues and easily pays for itself with the additional referrals it brings in.
  • Astym® treatment is regenerative medicine, and the only soft tissue therapy that stimulates regeneration.
  • Astym® treatment makes you an expert in regenerative rehab.
  • Become a truly evidence based provider with the Astym® treatment research base.
  • You will receive full time clinical support to back you up.
  • Your patients will experience superior clinical results.
  • National and local media attention and substantial web-based social media interest focused on Astym® therapy gets you noticed and patients knocking at your door.

How much does the Astym® program cost?
Clinics can choose from three different pricing options for the Astym® program and costs vary depending on the plan your clinic chooses. Clinics vary in size and structure and each clinic's needs are different. Contact us so we can assist you with determining which option is the best fit for your clinic.
How easy is it to become an Astym® provider?

We make it easy and help you every step of the way. Many have done it, and are quite pleased. Clinicians attending our education program often refer to it as the best therapy education ever received. We give you the practical knowledge to treat difficult conditions easily and efficiently, and we also educate you on the underlying physiology.

You have the option to pay for the Astym® program over time or in a one-time lump sum. We will be committed to you for as long as you provide Astym® treatment. We will be there with clinical support, marketing support, expanding the research base and new clinical applications, education programs, etc.

Most clinicians elect to pay over time because they want to pay the cost of the Astym® program out of the additional revenue it generates. Due to the consistency and reliability of Astym® treatment, many physicians recognize it and prescribe for it specifically. New providers regularly get new referral sources quickly, and then just pay the cost out of those additional revenues. If your local referral sources are not familiar with Astym® treatment, we have effective resources to help educate them and direct them to you as their local Astym® provider. The scientific basis of Astym® treatment really resonates with physicians, and lets them know that you are an evidence-based provider of the highest quality care.

"The training was outstanding. This belongs in every practice. Astym® treatment is an excellent investment in time and money that has re-energized me professionally." Virginia Halling, PT
What about buying some tools and doing IASTM – is that the same as Astym® treatment?

Astym treatment is very different from IASTM. Astym® treatment is more effective and can address a much wider range of problems. Astym® treatment is safe and is known as a high quality treatment because it was scientifically developed, has a sound research base, and standardized highly-effective protocols.

IASTM stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and has come to mean any type of tool assisted massage. Sometimes it goes by particular brands of IASTM such as Graston® or Fibroblaster. These tooled massages vary in how they are done, how successful they are, and how many side effects they can have. IASTM techniques and tools are most common in chiropractic and massage therapy practices, however, some therapists are starting to use them too.

IASTM is largely unresearched and varies widely in application and results, but its main focus is the direct, mechanical breaking up of tissue. IASTM can have a significant side effect profile, with many adverse effects being related to IASTM's potential to damage healthy tissue. While in certain situations IASTM can be effective, it is often unpredictable depending on the practitioner or the patient. Due to lack of research, inconsistent outcomes, and the possibility for significant side effects, referrals for IASTM are rare.

Although Astym® treatment uses instruments, it is not a massage technique. Astym® treatment is regenerative medicine, and one of the most researched and effective therapy interventions available. Astym® treatment is unmatched in its ability to resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems, and other soft tissue dysfunctions. Elite athletes, patients and referral sources specifically seek out Astym® treatment for superior results. When your health and ability to stay active is at stake, only the best will do.

Astym® treatment works on a cellular level to stimulate the regeneration of healthy soft tissues and is based on years of scientific and clinical research. It only targets unhealthy tissue and inappropriate scar/fibrosis and does not damage healthy tissue. Astym® treatment is consistently safe and effective, and is a process that induces healing and restoration, unlike any other. It is readily recognized as quality care, and referrals are regularly given for Astym® treatment.

Who can be certified in the Astym® program?
Performance Dynamics certifies PT's, PTA's, OT's, COTA's, and ATC's in the Asytm® program.
Can clinicians earn CEU's for the Astym certification?

Yes, Astym® treatment course attendees can earn CEU's for the Astym® certification course. The upper extremity portion of the Astym® course (Friday and Saturday) is 15.75 contact hours. The lower extremity portion (Sunday) is 8 contact hours. Upon completion of course requirements, each attendee will be mailed documentation of certification, including number of contact hours earned.*

If your state requires prior course approval to issue continuing education units, you'll need to designate that on your registration form. To allow sufficient time for the application process, attendees must notify us of their pre-approval needs 60 days prior to the Astym® course. If you do not indicate that pre-approval is needed, it will be your responsibility to obtain course approval through your state's CEU organization.

*Exact contact hours may vary from state to state

Do I have to attend all three days for certification?
The upper Extremity Course is two days and is held on Friday and Saturday. The Lower Extremity Course is held on Sunday. PT's, PTA's, and ATC's usually attend both the Upper and Lower Extremity Courses. OT's and COTA's attend the Upper Extremity Course. Clinicians who treat the lower extremity are required to attend the Lower Extremity Course. Each participant is required to be present for the entire time of the course(s) they are attending.
What are the requirements and benefits of hosting?
Hosting a course is a great opportunity to get recognition for your clinic while decreasing travel costs for your clinicians. In addition to this, as a host, you are given a credit toward the course fees for the Astym® program. If your clinic is located close to an international or large regional airport and you are interested in hosting a course, please contact us for more details.

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Astym® treatment safely, effectively and efficiently stimulates scar tissue to be resorbed by the body, and regenerates damaged soft tissues. Watch How.

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