Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astym® treatment right for me?

Astym® treatment helps countless people each day. However, whether it is right for you can only be determined by your healthcare providers. It is important to be properly evaluated by healthcare professionals and consult with them before deciding on a course of treatment. Astym® therapy is very effective on a wide variety of conditions. To see some common conditions that Astym® treatment works well on, click here: Where it Hurts. If you would like to find an Astym® provider in your area to get evaluated, please click here: Find a Provider. If you are unable to find an Astym® provider in your area or if your personal healthcare providers are not familiar with Astym® treatment, we would be happy to help educate them. Please have them contact us for further information, or you can contact us and we can forward you a packet of information to give to your doctor or therapist.

We have new Astym® providers getting certified all the time. If you want to be kept up to date on whether a certified provider becomes available in your area, fill out this simple form, and we will notify you when an Astym® certified provider becomes available near you.

Will my insurance pay for Astym® treatment?
If your insurance plan includes physical and occupational therapy, then Astym® treatment should be covered. If your plan does not include physical and occupational therapy, then you should talk to your therapist about other payment options.
Why does my doctor want me to make sure that my therapist is a certified Astym® provider?
You can only receive Astym® treatment from a provider who has earned their certification. Astym® treatment is one of the most effective and researched therapies available. Doctors often prescribe Astym® therapy for their patients because it is safe, high quality care that has been proven to be effective. Sometimes patients can get confused or diverted, and receive different care that may or may not resolve their problems. In order for you to receive the proper care that your doctor has requested, you should confirm the therapist you see is certified in Astym® treatment. For your convenience, all those who have this certification are listed in the Find a Provider section of this website.
A friend told me that they were treated with something they thought was like Astym® treatment, but it really wasn't Astym® treatment and it did not help them. Should they go ahead and try the real Astym® treatment?
Yes. There is no other treatment that regenerates tissues and heals the body like Astym® therapy. Astym® treatment was developed from years of scientific and clinical research and is unmatched in its ability to resolve soft tissue problems. No other therapy was developed from this kind of research and study, and that is why Astym® treatment is so much more effective and works even when other approaches routinely fail.
What is IASTM? Is it like Astym® treatment?

IASTM is very different from Astym® treatment. Astym® therapy is more effective, safer, and can help a much wider range of problems. Astym® treatment is safe and effective, and is known as a high quality treatment because it was scientifically developed, has a sound research base, and has standardized highly-effective protocols.

IASTM stands for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and has come to mean any type of tool assisted massage. Sometimes it goes by particular brands of IASTM such as Graston® or Fibroblaster. These tooled massages vary in how they are done, how successful they are, and how many side effects they can have.

IASTM is largely unresearched and varies widely in application and results, but its main focus is the direct, mechanical breaking up of tissue. IASTM can have a significant side effect profile, and many side effects center on IASTM's potential to damage healthy tissue. While in certain situations IASTM can be effective, it is often unpredictable depending on the practitioner or the patient. Due to lack of research, inconsistent results, and the possibility for significant side effects, IASTM is not usually considered a high standard of care.

Although Astym® treatment uses instruments, it is not a massage technique. Astym® treatment is regenerative medicine, and one of the most researched and effective therapy interventions available. Astym® treatment is unmatched in its ability to resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems, and other soft tissue dysfunctions. Elite athletes, patients and referral sources specifically seek out Astym® treatment for superior results. When your health and ability to stay active is at stake, only the best will do.

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Astym® treatment safely, effectively and efficiently stimulates scar tissue to be resorbed by the body, and regenerates damaged soft tissues. Watch How.

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