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Astym treatment has improved lives across the country, and with words of encouragement from you, it may help even more. Take a few easy steps to upload your story, and give others the inspiration they may need. Whether Astym helped you win a race or the big game, dance at your daughter's wedding, pick up your child, or simply got you back to work or doing the things you love, we want to hear about it. Please share your story…

You may do a written story or upload a video

Here are some ideas of things you may wish to include in your story:

  • What problem did you suffer from? How did this problem limit you - what things were you not able to do?
  • How long did you suffer before you found Astym? Did you try other treatments that failed before you found Astym?
  • How soon after receiving Astym treatments did your condition start to resolve? What things could you do again after receiving Astym treatment that you could not do before?
  • How has your life improved now that you are well again?
  • How has Astym met or exceeded your expectations?

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