The education and training with
the Astym program is a
I learned
practical, advanced knowledge
to use every day that I would
never have found anywhere else.
— Angela McGilvrey, PT, CEO, Apex Physical Therapy
MORE than you expect
Astym therapy is a whole new scientific approach that is a
Line of Service
and a
Profit Center,
so much
than a simple CEU course.
Intensive, in-person certification training in Astym therapy…
The Astym approach is the
only regenerative medicine
treatment in therapy More Details
Astym therapy is highly effective and safe, and has broad applications RCT Example #1 RCT Example #2
Proven to be
more effective
than other treatments, Astym therapy has also been
shown to be safe and effective across large populations More Details
Astym therapy demonstrates
impressive results, even where other treatments fail More Details
Courses for
Advanced Astym
on particular conditions and patient populations See Example #1 See Example #2
in areas related to Astym therapy (functional exercise, anatomy, therapeutic
loading strategies, tendinopathy, musculoskeletal medicine, etc.)
on recent research findings, new developments in rehabilitation, and other matters
important to clinical practice See Example #1 See Example #2
Materials and support to
obtain referrals
from physicians and payers (such as
professionally prepared brochures:
Physician Information; Cost-Effectiveness of
Astym therapy for Employers and Payers,
customizable letters and mailers to referral
sources, physician to physician discussions, etc.) Increasing Physician Referrals & Educating Physicians
Social Media
content and positioning to get you noticed Social Media Newsletter
Materials and support to
establish your practice with ideal patient populations
(such as triathletes, runners, tennis players, women’s health, post-surgical patients, or other groups)
Website Support:
pre-prepared text and graphics, SEO suggestions Website Help Newsletter
Professionally prepared
ads, commercials, wall art, banner stands, etc.
Clinical education and practice assistance to create
niche practice areas
cash-based business Return on Investment
Case consultations
Full-time availability of Astym Therapy Clinical Team
Clinical review videos, diagrams, checklists and manuals
Supporting research summaries, articles & updates See Example #1 See Example #2 See Example #3
Physician information and resources
Patient information and handouts
Refresher courses
Advanced clinical education and instruction See Example #1 See Example #2
Guidance for specific conditions
Indications and contraindications